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The Importance of good design

"Seven out of ten buyers agree that product design is the number one factor when deciding if they want to buy a product or not."

We recently collaborated with DesignRush to discuss the importance of a well designed product and the common mistakes that brands make.

A very common mistake that we often see being made by brands of all sizes is getting #intellectualproperty wrong, which can have very expensive consequences.

"It is common for brands of all sizes to produce a great idea and run to get a patent without fully considering the #EndProduct. A #patent is a very important step in protecting your intellectual property, however the end-product should be considered properly before finalising a patent application, to capture other adjacent inventions, or modifications which will make the final product more useful.
At Bates Product Design we prefer to work alongside our recommended patent experts, to develop a concept and discuss the patentability of each function, before locking in the patent. This results in a much stronger patent and ensures that the final product is fully protected by the patent. We recommend to only file for a patent once the concept development and prototyping phases are complete. At this stage you have a working prototype of the product so you know how the product works. This method also means that the patent can process while the engineering design phases are in finalising the last details – enabling the patent and product to launch around the same time, giving maximum cover and a minimal risk."

Myles Bates, Design Engineer & Founder of Bates Product Design

If you are looking to bring a new #ProductToMarket, or have any questions about how to best protect your idea, please get in touch at

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