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The Essentials of Good Product Design

DesignRush recently asked us to discuss the essentials of good #Product#Design, in the first of a series of articles that we collaborated on.

"It is imperative to consider the real-life #customer when designing a product. It is easy for experts to underestimate their own background knowledge, leading to the end user to be #overwhelmed or #confused. You need to consider many things, including: who is the final user, will they be the only person using it, how well will it be looked after and what are the worst-case scenarios that the product must endure.
For example, a car key to some will be kept safely in a bag, used during the daytime and used regularly enough that the user knows what each button does without looking. But what if the car is being used as a hire car? Then the key might be thrown around, used in the dark for the first time, and be passed through hundreds of hands. By considering the end customers, you may make the key easy to clean, include indicators to help find the unlock button in the dark or even sell replacement covers to keep the key looking fresh."

Myles Bates, Founder of Bates Product Design

If you have a product that you would like help taking to market, get in touch for a free consultation at

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