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Building a good design system can save you thousands and is worth considering from your first concept, all the way to your 100th product.

At Bates Product Design, we have worked with many of our clients to design reusable parts, enclosures and packaging and more, which both builds a design family of recognisable products, but also saves considerable amounts of money for tooling, storage, design time and more.

In this recent DesignRush article, we discuss the advantages of a design system and how to implement one.

"A design system allows several products to use the same components or parts, resulting in less parts and lower tooling costs. When designing a new product, it is possible to think forwards and create a design system when considering what other products might follow.

For example at Bates Product Design, we recently worked with a client to design a custom enclosure for a new handheld device. However, as we knew this was the first of several products to be released, we designed the enclosure in a way that it would be suitable for future products. Now, by simply changing a few internal components and colours, the client has a family of products using the same base components. This had multiple benefits for the client including:

  • the second project was quicker to develop as we had already a basis to start from,

  • there was considerably less moulding costs for the second product as we used the same base enclosure,

  • the products have a similar look and feel making a family of products for existing users,

  • the part price was lower as we could order in larger bulk, saving due to the economies of scale."

If you have a new project and are interested in how we can help you create a design system, or just are interested in our services, get in touch at or visit us on:

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