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What We Can Do for You: Process from start to finish

Concept Design

In this phase, we capture the initial concept ideas and explore what the final product might look like and how it may function. This is a key step to all product development. Showing the concepts to potential clients, stakeholders or investors to solidify the product and start the journey of making something real. Concept sketches and early CAD models (3D computer visualisations) will be created to assess the concept appropriately. 


Design for Manufacture

The product will be developed in more detail on CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. This will often focus on mechanical interfaces, how parts could be produced and some early tests. During this phase, reverse engineering existing product competitors and other similar products is used to reduce development times and risks.

Image by Kumpan Electric


Once the technical details have been developed, the product can be prototyped and tested. The prototype allows for potential clients to trial the product and identify any suggested changes. It also is a great tool to show to any potential investors if required. Product testing will lead to informed decisions and prove design choices. 


Depending on the product, this prototype can be 3D printed on an in-house high detail 3D printers, or externally sourced.

Image by ZMorph All-in-One 3D Printers

Sourcing and Production

Once the final prototype has been approved, production data will be created, often in the form of Engineering Drawings. This data is used to get detailed manufacturing costs and quotations. Manufacturing partners can then be set up around the globe, depending on product requirements, and the supply chain is established. 


Once the quotation is approved, production can begin and the first batch of the product will arrive at your door! These parts will be assessed for quality specifications and ensure that the product functions as required. 

Image by Greg Rosenke

Graphic Design

Our talented graphic designers can help bring your brand to life with a wide range of styles to suit your brand. Enhance the sales of your fantastic product, with equally great graphics which promote the products key advantages and wow customers.


We offer a range of graphic design services including: logo and branding packages, packaging design, advertising material and more. 

Image by Daily Nouri

IP support and more

Finding the right provider can be difficult, luckily we have a large array of external service providers that we have vetted and worked with on multiple projects, so we are happy to recommend them to you. This ranges from IP support, branding specialists, business coaches, videographers, sales specialists, manufacturers, and much more. 

We are also happy to work with those suppliers to ensure a smooth workflow, acting as a central hub or one-stop-shop to make developing a product as easy as possible

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